All on four dental implants


All on four dental implants includes four implants to replace all teeth. Tooth prosthesis is placed on these four implants in same day. There are some advantages of this method that makes it popular and successful:

Advantages of all on four dental implants

• This is a proper method for patients that have no teeth and treatment just finish in 1 day. So; it is really quick solution.

• This method does not need any previous surgery for prepare bone structure, that makes it easier.

• Since the implant number is reduced, cost is lower than conventional implant treatment methods.

• Design is different tam complete dentures, it does not cover palate. So; patients can use to it easier and these implants are easy to use.

• Treatment takes less time. This method includes some steps. Before starting all on four dental implants clinical and radiological examination is required.

Computed tomography is applied is done by making measurements on a patient. Main stages are surgical procedures and dental prosthesis. In the day of appointment 4 implants are placed into jawbone of patient; in the same day temporary denture is fixed onto dental implants. 3 months later these temporary dentures changed with permanent dentures.


All On Four process is a procedure that can be performed with local anesthesia. However, sedation or general anesthesia is applied for patients have high anxiety. After the procedure, you can use temporary dentures fixed over dental implants.

However, your doctor will recommend you diet in these 3 months of ossification process. This method is really successful and patients are pleased with this treatment.

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