Dental Implant Dentist Istanbul


Dental implants are frequently used today; it began to be a remedy to the dental problems many patients. It is the best alternative of your natural teeth and best solution for missing teeth.


Implant is the artificial teeth root that is placed to provide function and appearance of missing teeth. There are different kinds of implants. However, today the most popular type of implant has the structure of screw. Since dental implants are surgical process, dentist is really important.

Dental implant dentist should be trained about implants. Implant training is given by some training or given by school. Dentists should develop themselves continuously in this regard. Dental implant dentist know oral anatomy best, recognizing the jaw and prone to dental surgery.

Implant treatment is really successful method when it done properly. Implant success is related to dentist’s basic implantology knowledge and ability. Proper sterilization is one of the most important factors for dental implants.

Dental implant has done by successful dentist in sterilized environment will last long years. Time of process can be varying according to patient’s condition, needs and oral situation. A single tooth implant operation may take half an hour generally.

Treatment of dental implant consists of two stages these are surgery and the upper structure. After placing implants 2-6 months wait for osteointegration. During this period, the dental implant is biologically fused with the jawbone.

After this time period prosthesis is placed and that takes in week. You need to take care of dental health after dental implants to use them for a long time.

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