Dental Implant Procedure


Dental implants are safer than some traditional methods like bridges and dentures; it is scientifically proven method and good alternative for aesthetics. Implant looks natural in terms of appearance and feeling.

What is Dental implant procedure

Dental implant procedure has many intermediate stages but it is based on 2 main stages. The first part of treatment is to place the implant in the jaw bone with surgery. After titanium implants placed in the jaw bone patients wait 3 month for ossification. After the waiting period second stage is started.d5

Prosthetic teeth are the second stage of dental implant procedure. These prosthetic teeth are made from porcelain and titanium material. Sticking or screwing method is used place prosthetic teeth.  After a few rehearsals this stage is completed too. Details about main steps:

  1. First Examination

Implant procedure is applied when the cases of single tooth loss, multiple teeth loss or total teeth loss. Some health problems affect implant procedure so first examination is really necessary for success of dental implants. For diabetes, heart disease patients and hypertension patients implant should not started without going to the consultation.

  1. Jawbone Examination

Panoramic X-ray is used to examine jaw bone and bone density is measured. If bone density is not suitable, bone graft is applied and waited to ossification of the region.

  1. Implant

This procedure takes 20-40 minutes. Dentist reaches bone by incision in the gum; then implant is screwed into the jaw bone. Patient wait 3 months for healing.

  1. Prostheses are prepared

Prostheses are prepared according to measurements. Rehearsals are made and prostheses gets final look.

  1. Prostheses are placed

In final step; prostheses are placed over implants.

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