Denture Implants


Denture implants are artificial teeth roots that are placed in jawbone to replace missing teeth for fulfilling their functions and improve aesthetics. Structure of the implant material is usually titanium.

Implants are prepared as screw forms. If there are appropriate amount of bone for dental implant; it is done for one or multiple tooth. To apply this procedure bone structure should be available. Because; the implants have a certain width and height.back4

Patients’ bone structure can be enough to carry these sizes of implant. If the patient’s bone structure is proper success of implant is higher. If bone structure is not enough and the situation of lack of bones the patient’s bone structure can be adapted to be implanted.

What is denture implants

Local anesthesia is applied before the implant; so you do not feel pain. Dental implant surgery is usually done with local anesthesia and that makes it easy operation for patient. Pain after surgery is generally mild and pain killers can be used to relief pain. Some patients might need pain killers and some of them do not need to get.

After this procedure prosthesis can’t placed immediately. There is a waiting process for that. 3-6 months waiting time is necessary to ensure the full incorporation of the implant with bone. In this period your dentist will prepare temporary tooth for avoid the lack of teeth.

Prosthesis is screwed on to implants. Denture implants offers good looking and comfort of real teeth for patient. This is why many people choice this method in the case of missing teeth. İf you learn about ortodontics 

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