Dental clinics in Turkey

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Dental Veneers; Laminated skins; It is not satisfied with an application developed for structural and aesthetic appearance of teeth.

Non appreciate the aesthetic as images of teeth, color differences in anterior teeth and failure to obtain results from the bleaching of the color differences in the available range of front teeth, image because of making metal-based fillings in front teeth is bad, fractures of the front teeth, distortion, asymmetry, wear in the structural in patients with orthodontic treatment for the disorder and do not want to be crowding and curvature of the front teeth, tooth Laminate can be applied with great success.clinics 2

Dental implant

The classic dental implant dental prosthesis with a relatively bridge is slightly more expensive than processes such as coating. But advances in technology, reduction of production costs, the remaining shortage of raw materials, implant prices as a result of the development of new production techniques in dentistry has fallen slightly. Therefore, the rate still fell to the implant dentures can make the middle-income segment

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers, literally replacing teeth lost due to various reasons or elimination of various cosmetic defects found in teeth, also chewing disorders, jaw closing, or asymmetric closure disorders and prostheses made individually or the entire jawbone application in order to troubleshoot speech disorder.

Within the cavities of the mouth, as a result of progress made enough to prevent the teeth, to prevent the withdrawal is more ruined teeth and porcelain veneers are made to save teeth.

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