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Dental implant is really popular dental solution and has many advantages. That makes it a bit expensive. Dental implants are more expensive than conventional methods that are used for missing teeth. But solutions are worth it. Because implants look like your natural teeth and last long; they are durable.

Dental implant cost varies by many different situations. Cost is depended on the number of implant used for procedure, type of implant, crown, and brand of implants. Some situations need extra procedures; that changes treatment method. This will increase the cost automatically like sinus lifting.

Cost is single implant varies between $1000 to $3,000. Before dental implants are applied some procedures might need. These are bone graft, X-rays and CT scan. Bone graft and X-rays are generally applied for all patients; and in some cases CT scan might be necessary.

Bone graft varies between $200-1000; X-rays $20-100 and CT scans $250-100. Multiple implants start by $3500 and can reach up to $25,000. Other factors affect dental implant cost too. For example; cost changes with country. Mexico and India are some of the popular destinations for dental implant.

Dental tourism is many patients’ choice by the differences in price. Costs are according to dentists too. Dental implant applications of experienced dentists are more expensive than other ones.

You can talk with several dentists to talk about prices before you determine one of them. Dentistry schools are affordable options for dental implants. It can be a good choice for who want to have low cost dental implant.

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Elena PetrovaElena Petrova
00:45 10 Jan 24
Great clean clinic with very friendly, qualified staff and modern technology! Dr. Mohammed is an artist who conjured up a beautiful Hollywood smile... from my old teeth in just four days. I am very happy about this experience and can warmly recommend Dental Estetik to you!Thank you very much, dear team, for my beautiful smile! I just can't stop smiling ❤️❤️❤️read more
Shabba LonglongShabba Longlong
10:18 21 Dec 23
This dental clinic transform People life's. They did a perfect job on my teeth.. better then I could imagine.And the People that work there are so... friendly. They will also help you feel so comfortable.. they make me leave with a big smile everytime.I can really recommend this place for everyone their teeth.Greetings,Ghershwinread more
Şükrü SoydanŞükrü Soydan
08:03 14 Nov 23
Uncover the transformative effects of professional teeth whitening procedures that effectively eliminate stains and discoloration, revitalizing your... smile for a brighter and more youthful appearance. Bid farewell to dental imperfections such as chipped or misaligned teeth by considering the application of dental veneers, a solution that can deliver a flawless smile. Delve into the nuances between composite and porcelain veneers to ascertain the most suitable option for achieving your desired dental more
Menekse SoydanMenekse Soydan
19:07 08 Oct 23
I definitely recommend it for aesthetic teeth. Very pleased to meet you.
Enes EserEnes Eser
19:40 08 Jul 23
Thank you very much for your attention. They are very successful people in their work.
Livia GutuleacLivia Gutuleac
10:21 14 Apr 23
With them the dream becomes reality! The best!
Ömer ÖztürkÖmer Öztürk
09:53 19 Nov 22
I had zirconium crown teeth made 2 years ago, they have incredible quality workmanship. I definitely suggasted!


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