Dental Implant Surgery


A dental implant is a treatment applied to replace missing teeth. It is a popular treatment method; because more durable than traditional methods and appearance is really closer to natural teeth.


Process of dental implant surgery changes according to type of implant and jaw bone structure in the area that implant will placed. But in general dental implant operations take place with a certain number of steps and applications. Implant treatment is not a complex method.

However in some cases condition of the jaw, gums and other teeth may require different processes. These processes are done to provide proper structure for dental implant surgery. Normal dental implant lasts 3-5 months.

Dental implant is generally done with local anesthesia. But in some cases patients can be anxious about surgery and doctors apply sedation or general anesthesia.

The phases of dental implant surgery are: Examination Examine whether the patient’s health suitable for dental implant applications. Operation A dental implant is a simple surgery performed under local anesthesia by specialist dentists.

First a hole is opened to place implant. The duration of surgery can range from 30-90 minutes. Recovery Process The implants placed in the jaw bone need certain time to ossification. This takes generally about 3 months.

If necessary during this time period temporary prosthesis is applied by your dentist. Prosthesis After the healing period is completed; it is time to place prosthesis.

The prosthesis is prepared according to measurements and placed over the implant. Type of artificial teeth varies according to conditions.

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